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Cable Engine

Cable engine-1

Technical Specification
Products handled LV, MV, HV Cable, umbilicals, subsea cable, rope, metal bar, tube and profile
Max line speed 50m/min
Min product size 20mm dia
Max product size 300mm dia
Min tension 500kg
Max tension 12 Te
Control philosophy Speed control, tension control, bi-directional
Drives Siemens, Parker SSD, Allen Bradley, Control Techniques
Electrical supply 220 – 240V single phase, 380 – 220V – 415/240V 3 phase + neutral, 208 – 240V 3 phase delta
Operator control parameters Start, stop, speed (pot), emergency stop
Clamping Pneumatic or hydraulic
Motors Electric or hydraulic
Operational environment Indoor or outdoor (containerised)
Control Remote or local
Machine features
Length count
Fully programmable HMI with recipe storage
Digital adjustable tension control
Indoor and outdoor use
Hydraulic or electric operation
Stand-alone, part of a line or traverse mounted
Optional fully enclosed guarding
Optional operating cabin
Optional load cell
Dynamic or regenerative braking
Tyre choice: slick/treaded, pneumatic/solid
Machine applications
Low, medium and high voltage cables
Subsea cables
Marine tethering rope
Metal tubing, rod and profile