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Cable Extruder

Technical Specification
Materials processed XLPE, PVC, Polyurethane, Silicone, HDPE
Max capacity Up to
Line speed Up to 400 m/min
Min product size 1mm
Max product size 300mm
Products handled Low, medium and high voltage cable
Motors & drives Siemens, Parker SSD, Allen Bradley, Control Techniques
Electrical supply 220 – 240V single phase, 380 – 220V – 415/240V 3 phase + neutral, 208 – 240V 3 phase delta
Operator control parameters Start, stop, speed (pot), emergency stop
Extruder screw size Up to 6in
Measuring gear XY, Diameter, Concentricity, Lump and neck down, spark
Machine features
Screw design: barrier, metering
Optional hopper loading and masterbatch systems
Rupture disc and anti-burst valves
Optional head clamp
Water cooled feed zone
AC or DC control
Rail mounted or static
Screw removal system
Variable LD ratio
Optional cooling troughs, airwipes and measuring gear available as part of a full-line supply
Machine applications
Low, medium and high voltage cables
Subsea cables