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Cantilevers/hub Drives High Capacity (10Te) Coiling Solution

The customer

technipPart of the Technip Group, Duco is a leading supplier of umbilicals and other subsea and offshore cabling solutions to the oil and gas sector worldwide.

The need

  • Rising demand for high performance umbilicals with improved functionality prompted Duco to review their coiling capabilities throughout their production process.
  • The new solution had to be flexible – with the ability to handle a range of drum sizes and capacities; and mobile – to enable deployment around the site.
  • The coiler had to prove to respond to the stringent demands of steel and thermoplastic umbilicals manufacture.

The solution

Cantileve stand-2Meltech’s history in the coiling arena meant that the company already had a coiling solution similar to Duco’s requirements. Our design teams worked closely with Duco’s engineers to reconfigure the Meltech machine to exactly meet their requirements.

The result

Having designed a solution to exactly meet Duco’s initial requirements, subsequent orders have been placed and this machine can be found in various Technip facilities around the world, including Angola, Malaysia and the USA. In 2013, Duco’s faith in Meltech equipment was cemented further with the delivery of two 30Te versions of this solution, making Meltech the second of two suppliers for the company’s state-of-the-art VLM extrusion line.