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Twin Eccentric Taping Machine

Our client’s challenge

akerGlobal oil and gas industry supplier Aker Solutions were looking to upgrade their production capability for sub-sea cabling. Based on our extensive experience in engineering high performance cable handling equipment, the Aker Solutions team approached Meltech to provide a robust and reliable cable-taping machine.

The Meltech solution

Meltech’s engineers designed a back-to-back twin-headed cable taping machine that enabled continuous processing on alternating tape heads – eliminating the need to stop production to replace spent tape reels.

Meltech’s software engineers also developed a sophisticated central operating system that would provide the Aker Solutions’ team with greater process control, enabling continuous running and full traceability throughout the production line. Sensors fitted to the machine would also alert the production team when tape levels were low and in event of a tape snapping.

The remote access set up of the system was also a feature that provided important health and safety assurance.

Delivering value for our client…

The unique new machine has allowed our client to make important production cost savings and process efficiency improvements. Higher tension control tolerances have also improved product quality. The are now able to expand their capabilities in both the size and range of cabling products they can now produce.