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Ultra-high Capacity (2000Te) Carousel Feed System

Our client’s challenge

nktnkt cables were building a new factory to manufacture medium and high voltage cables for the renewable and general energy transmission sectors.

Storage of such high volumes of cable employs the use of a carousel around 20m diameter. The company required a delivery system that would control the speed, tension and laying of the cable on the carousel to reduce the risk of damage to the cable.

The Meltech solution

TurntableMeltech designed each carousel arm as a unique solution to meet the requirements of each carousel. Having assessed the operating conditions, the system was suitably weatherproofed to withstand outdoor deployment in the factory compound.

In addition to the delivery arm, each system was equipped with an electrically driven cable engine to control the tension of the incoming cable and deliver it accurately to the carousel.

Delivering value for our client…

Four unique systems were installed to complement each carousel. Meltech’s electrical engineers also incorporated redundancy on critical areas of the control system to ensure continuous operation. In the event of component failure nkt cables can be assured that they will not suffer downtime leading to lost production and revenue.