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De-gassing Ovens


Technical Specification
Products handled Medium/high voltage and subsea cables, umbilicals
Max product size Up to 300mm dia
Max spool size 7m dia by 8m width
Max capacity 500 Te
Min temp 20°C
Max temp 150°C
Heating system Blown hot air
Insulation materials Ceramic fibre, Super Wool, Rock Wool panels
Electrical supply 220 – 240V single phase, 380 – 220V – 415/240V 3 phase + neutral, 208 – 240V 3 phase delta
Temperature controllers Eurotherm, Omron or equivalent
Loading Front loading or integrated static drums
Machine features
Digital or paper chart recorders
PLC recipe control
Timing control enabling preheating of the furnace prior to production
Stand-alone or full turn-key line
Integral coiler with driven traverse and feed system for loading and unloading of product
Heating by recirculated factory water
Machine applications