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Furnaces & Ovens

Aluminium WireMeltech specialises in the design and engineering of electrically powered strand annealing furnaces and de-gassing ovens for heat treatment of non-ferrous metals.

When compared to gas-powered heat treatment processes, Meltech electric furnaces and ovens deliver some significant process advantages for a range of product applications, including:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Better quality data for tracking process efficiency
  • Improved product quality and consistency
  • Advanced control techniques to achieve accurate temperature zoning for metal conditioning and heat treatment

Meltech furnaces and ovens are engineered to comply with AMS2750E and other industry standards.

Strand Annealing Furnaces

Meltech strand annealing furnaces are engineered with environmentally friendly, advanced ceramic and insulation materials enabling our clients to achieve consistent and controllable heating and ultimately reduced production costs.

Tube and Strand Annealing Furnace

De-Gassing Ovens

Meltech de-gassing ovens are used in the manufacture of high-voltage cables for the de-gassing of XLPE insulation.

De-gassing Ovens

Heat Treatment Support Services

Meltech offers continued support through the life of your heat treatment equipment. Our furnace refurbishment service provides peace of mind that your investment is working at its optimal level of performance.

We can also supply furnace spares and consumables and support customers with installation of tubes, elements and insulation as necessary.