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Innovation in Metal Extrusion

Meltech Extrusion Technology Research and Development

With a Strongform™ CRE machine permanently housed at our R&D facility in Sheffield, Meltech continues to drive innovation in metal extrusion.

Metal extrusion In addition, Meltech is the engineering partner in the powder handling development and wire extrusion element of the Twister Project. Supported by Innovate UK, the Twister project is advancing the development of titanium wire for innovative spring technologies and emissions reductions for the automotive industry.

Meltech continues to drive innovation for new CRE process applications in Copper/Aluminium alloys and other high value metals.

Development of Metal Recycling

Metal recycling with CRE technology requires no melting process, this means that it can be far more energy efficient compared to conventional recycling processes.  As part of our ongoing development of CRE capabilities, Meltech is keen to explore the opportunities that this can bring to industries that generate significant amounts of scrap metal.

If your business has the potential to convert its waste aluminium or copper metal, we invite you to collaborate with us to develop this opportunity. Contact Us.