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Technical Specification
Feedstock Aluminium Copper
Typical maximum product speed 100m/min 100m/min
Feedstock ∅8 to 15mm ∅8 to 15mm
Maximum product width 50mm 50mm
Maximum product thickness 50mm 50mm
Maximum cross section area 2,500mm2 2,500mm2
Typical output 800kg/h 600kg/h
Process scrap (Flash) 0% for solid and some tube products 5-8%
0-10% for some tubes and sheathed/clad products

1. The above information is based on a standard machine, extrusion shoe and tooling, and for ‘typical’ products
2. Aluminium feedstock ∅8 to 12.5mm can be single or twin feed (product dependant), above ∅12.5mm single feed only
3. In addition to solid feedstock granular feed is also possible

Machine Features
Manual shoe positioning
Fixed rear clamp
Extrusion shoe heating (if application requires)
Manual shoe load and unload
Oil cooled main shaft bearings
Externally water cooled main shaft bearing hubs
Manual coining roll positioning
Machine Applications
Lightning conductor
Magnet wire
Transformer wire
Trolley wire
Aluminium clad steel wire
Optical ground wire (Aluminium only)
Parallel flow condenser / Multiport Tube (Aluminium only)
Refrigeration tube (Aluminium only)
Automotive tube (Aluminium only)
Special applications