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Process Optimisation Support

Meltech’s experienced engineers can provide expert advice and support with making significant step-changes in machine process performance and ultimately considerable cost-efficiencies.

We will work with you undertake:

  • A comprehensive machine investigation
  • A detailed process analysis
  • A full report and recommendations on where process improvements can be gained

Meltech supports it clients globally with process optimization and can also advise on the similar non-Meltech equipment.

Servicing and Maintenance Programs

MaintenanceAn annually scheduled maintenance program will ensure your machine investment continues to operate at its full performance capability.  This clearly delivers significant long-term cost-efficiencies for our clients’ operations.

A Standard Service Program will include a full condition report and can include operator refresher training

Ad-hoc servicing and breakdown maintenance

Meltech can also provide servicing on an ad-hoc basis where required and can support clients with prioritised short-notice breakdown support.

Advanced CRE Machine Tooling

To ensure you remain competitive, Meltech provides ongoing support for CRE clients with a supply service of high quality, competitively priced CRE machine tooling for our full range of machines.

By collaborating with materials suppliers, we continually work on advancing the quality and range of CRE tooling that we are able design and manufacture for our clients.

Meltech’s extensive innovation in light metals is also delivering benefits in tooling developments for conventional non-ferrous metal extrusion.  

Spares and Consumables Supply Service

CRE DiesTo keep your operation fully efficient and functioning to full capacity, Meltech supports clients with Spare Parts and Consumables Delivery Service for its full range of machines.

In addition, we can supply spares for the following legacy machines:

  • BiWater Machinergy (foremerly Whitehead and Poole) Spares
  • Larmuth Engineering Spares
  • Johnson Technology (formerly REA Industrial) Spares

Machine upgrades and refurbishments

Where the most cost-effective option is to upgrade or refurbish your machine investment, Meltech can support by advising on requirements and undertaking the work required to re-invigorate your machine capability.

For details contact us on: +44(0)1254 691488 or