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Traversing Spool

Traversing Spool 2 Traversing Spool

Technical Specification
Products handled Cable; strip; profile; round, shaped and flat wire
Max line speed 300m/min
Max product size (round) 10mm
Max product size (flat) 20mm by 5mm
Cable machinery
Max spool size DIN 760
Max capacity 1,000kg
Number of spools 1 to 14
Traverse mechanism Servo, ball screw
Control philosophy Speed control with dancer trim, torque control, tension control
Motors & drives Siemens, Parker SSD, Allen Bradley, Control Techniques
Electrical supply 220 – 240V single phase, 380 – 220V – 415/240V 3 phase + neutral, 208 – 240V 3 phase delta
Operator control parameters Start, stop, speed (pot), emergency stop
Coil on to? Reel/spool or collapsible hub
Machine features
Length count
Fully programmable HMI with recipe storage
Guide rollers for accurate layer winding
Digital adjustable tension control
Loading and unloading mechanism
Rail-mounted for ease of maintenance
Casptan control
Automatic cut and clamp
Product retaining system
Machine applications
Spring wire
Resistance wire
Dental wire
Medical wire
Musical wire
Wire rope
Needle and pin wire
Saw blades
Scalpel blades
Wire rope
Electrical contact materials