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Tube & Strand Annealing Furnaces

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Technical Specification
Products handled Round wire, blades, strip and profile, cables
Product materials Carbon steels, stainless steels, copper and nickel alloys, precious and noble metals,
Min line speed 1m/min
Max line speed 50m/min
Min product size 0.1mm
Max product size 15mm
Min temp 500°C
Max temp 1400°C
Number of tubes Up to 24
Min length 1m
Max length 14m
Min width
Max width
Atmosphere H2 / N2 or a mixture as necessary are available fed through a manifold with individual flow meters
Tube sizes 1/2" NB to 3" NB
Tube material Stainless steels, inconel, sanikro, APM
Element systems Wire wound, Fibrothal/meanderthal panels, SiC Glow Bars, Kanthal Super
Insulation materials Ceramic fibre, Super Wool, brick and board
Tube support SiC profile tiles
Electrical supply 220 – 240V single phase, 380 – 220V – 415/240V 3 phase + neutral, 208 – 240V 3 phase delta
Zoning Individual zones each controlled by separate thermocouples
Temperature controllers Eurotherm, Omron or equivalent
Thyristor type Burst-fired or phase angle fired
Tube access Hydraulically-activated lid opening
Machine features
Digital or paper chart recorders
PLC recipe control
Integrated gas safety control panel available
NADCAP and Rolls Royce certification
Timing control enabling preheating of the furnace prior to production
Stand-alone or full turn-key line
Complementary cooling sections, coating tanks and drying ovens to suit
Machine applications and processes
Spring wire Annealing
Resistance wire Hardening
Saw blades Patenting
Scalpel blades Tempering
Transistor wire Preheating
Dental wire
Medical wire
Musical wire
Wire rope
Electrical contact materials
Needle and pin wire
Jewellery wire
Automotive and aerospace componentry