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Coiling – Pay-off / Take-up / Storage



Many of our customers are reaping the benefits of investing in automated take-up and pay-off cable coilers. When compared to manual winding, Meltech winders and coilers deliver substantially greater speed, control and accuracy.

These machines offer accurate winding profiles, enabling a smoother pay-off for faster operation without risk of tangles and snags.

Generating speeds of up to 400 metres per minute, our coiling and winding machines provide improved winding control, layering, and speed and length control at point of changeover.

Meltech multi-reel cable coilers are designed for continuous coiling of data communications and LAN cables, general wiring and heat shrink and wire tubing applications. Meltech winders and coilers are available in drum sizes from 400mm to 1,600mm. This means that they can be readily integrated into existing production lines.