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Plastic extrusion coiling, tensioning and cooling

Semi auto coiler

Meltech’s PC range of semi-automatic coiling machines can be used for a diverse range of flexible pipe products from HDPE utility and industrial piping, district heating pipes, ducting and all types reinforced thermoplastic pipes.

The machines include traverse layering systems with auto stop at pipe end and auto speed increase on cut signal. These machines operate safely with one temporary operator only requiring attention on initial pipe connection, when a completed layer of pipe requires banding or completion for removal. Optional extras include integral unload cranes, multi coil storage frames and wheels.

Plastic Coiling Machine Data

Plastics coilingMeltech’s automated winding equipment can deliver significant benefits for customers who produce multiple products. A fully automated winding system allows automatic changeover of the winding reels, ensuring continuous production of extruded plastics. It also allows plastics manufacturers to use reels far bigger than those that could be handled by an operator. (In a semi-automated operation, the operator manually removes the full reel and replaces it with an empty reel.)

This continuous winding of multiple profiles is key to the significant productivity benefits that can be achieved with this innovative equipment.

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