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Meltech is a leading innovator in advanced Continuous Rotary Extrusion (CRE) production lines for non-ferrous metals.

Strongform™ Copper and Aluminium Continuous Rotary Extrusion Machinery

Continuous Rotary ExtrusionMeltech’s  game-changing technology re-engineers the conventional CRE machine with a unique, fully visible cantilevered extrusion wheel. This new, robust machine configuration can offer some transformational production improvements.

  • The automated hydraulic shoe can be adjusted during machine operation optimising productivity and improving product quality
  • Improved access and control of the extrusion shoe position, helping reduce flash and production waste by assisting in issues such as overheating, which can lead to product quality issues
  • Easy to install and operate, reduction in wheel and tooling change times, and tooling set-up times, optimising uptime and overall output efficiency

Strongform™ – EX260, Ex300, Ex400, Ex500

Strongform™ is fully automated for faster easier operation and minimal supervision requirement. This advanced model includes full HMI controls and enables full process feedback and production data acquisition.

Strongform™ machine grades include:

Ex500 – Typical output up to 3,000kg/hour for Copper and 2,000kg/hour for Aluminium

Ex400 – Typical output up to 1,700kg/hour for Copper and 1,800kg/hour for Aluminium

Ex300  Typical output up to 1,000kg/hour for Copper and 950kg/hour for Aluminium

Ex260 – Typical output up to 600kg/hour Copper and 800kg/hour for Aluminium

Strongform™ Lite – EX300L and Ex260L

Strongform™ Lite is an entry level machine with reduced functionality from the full Strongform™ machine, but providing a robust and economical CRE machine with very competitive outputs and still designed and built in Meltech’s own UK based facilities.

The Strongform™ Lite includes a number of manual features, which can be upgraded to automated features as required. These include:

  • Coining roll
  • Top clamp
  • Shoe adjustment
  • Rear clamp
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) controls

Contact us to find out more about how our Strongform™ CRE technologies can be engineered to meet your specific requirements. 

Standard CRE Machine Technologies

Meltech’s longstanding range of CRE machines conform to the highest industry standards, enabling manufacturers to create an in-house production facility capable of producing high-quality, technically demanding Aluminium and Copper extrusions.

Product Name  Spec
MC500  MC500 – Output up to 2,000kg/hour (Aluminium) or 3,000kg/hour (Copper)  More
MC400  MC400 – Output up to 1,800kg/hour (Aluminium) or 1,700kg/hour (Copper)  More
MC300  MC300  – Output up to 1,000kg/hour (Aluminium) or 950kg/hour (Copper)  More
MC260  MC260 – Output up to 800kg/hour (Aluminium) or 600kg/hour (Copper)  More

Multiple Feedstocks, Multiple Profiles

Copper extrusionsThe Meltech Company’s advanced CRE technologies uniquely support a variety of feedstocks including granular, powder or rod.  From a single machine, multiple profiles can be produced, helping to improve productivity reduce cost and limit the machine footprint required at your facility.

Process Support, Servicing, Tooling and Spares

Our highly experience team of specialist CRE engineers are able to support clients with process optimisation advice and machine service support to ensure your operational efficiency and productivity is fully maximised.

The Meltech Company can also supply CRE customers with a full range of tooling and machine spares.

CRE Process Applications

Meltech’s CRE processing can benefit a broad range of solid and hollow profile production applications – Find out more